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Oh My Chocolate's products make for wonderful fundraisers because each is extremely enticing and easy to sell. All of our products are made by hand the day before your orders are filled to ensure the absolute best quality and freshness. Please see the three categories below for more information.


Oh My Chocolate's fundraiser pricing is the same for every fundraiser, regardless of size or number of items sold. OMC offers incentives for organizations to book with us AND for their participants to sell. With our attractive pricing and high returns, there is absolutely no reason for your next fundraiser to be anything less than lucrative.

Keep 40% of Every Sale!

Your organization keeps 40% of every sale made, which is an average of 10% more than OMC keeps per product. With Oh My Chocolate, sales are easy to make because every product is unique, gourmet quality, made by hand the day before delivery, and works just as well as a gift or personal dessert.

FREE GIFT for Every Participant!

Every sales participant receives a FREE GIFT from Oh My Chocolate if they sell just one product. This is most often a Free OMC Signature Apple, but you can choose the gift you think best suits your organization and the preferences of your participants. With a high return per sale and a genuine incentive to sell at least one product, the sky is the limit for your potential sales.

Top Seller Rewards!

So you have the great products and an incentive to sell a little. All that's left is to give them an incentive to keep selling as much as they can. OMC offers Top Seller Rewards customized to fit the size and scope of your fundraiser. Past rewards have included $100 Best Buy gift certificates, Hewlett Packard Printers, MP3 Players, and Season Passes to Six Flags America. We work with you to customize the rewards program to best encourage your participants to SELL SELL SELL!


Planning your Oh My Chocolate Fundraiser couldn't be easier. We provide all the sales materials that you will distribute to your participants. When the sales time ends, simply collect the order forms and return them to us (or e-mail us your totals). A short time later, OMC will arrive to deliver your order, help separate it if necessary, and leave you with your order information and sales receipt for your records. Order turnaround time is usually within 7 days and never longer than 2 weeks.

Selling Time for Your Fundraiser

Oh My Chocolate will work with the timetable you're most comfortable with. While we recommend 1-2 weeks selling time, we recognize that you may need more time or, in some cases, will want to run a quick, targeted fundraiser. Once you turn in your orders, OMC will send you an itemized invoice.


Sales Materials & Order Forms

OMC will provide digital copies of your sales brochures and order forms. These items will also be available right here on our website. If your participants lose any of their materials or need a fresh order form to make more sales, the solution will only be a click away! The completed forms must be returned to us to begin production. If you prefer, you can make your own total sheet and e-mail it to us in lieu of mailing the forms in.

Collecting Funds & OMC Payment

Please collect funds at the time your customers place their orders. If you'd like to accept checks, have them made out to your organization. OMC will provide you with an itemized invoice and you can make your payment over the phone, in person, or mail us a check. It is not necessary for you to collect sales tax.

Delivery of Your Order

Oh My Chocolate will contact you to schedule delivery of your order. Our products are prepared and packaged one day before your delivery date to ensure the absolute best quality and freshness. OMC's caramel apples will stay fresh for about 14 days at room temperature. Orders of $150 or more are delivered free of charge. Smaller orders will either be shipped or delivered at minimal time/fuel cost.

Order Verification & Receipt

When our driver arrives, he will assist your fundraiser representative in verifying the contents of your order if you wish. He will bring with him a Total Inventory sheet and return your individual order forms (if supplied). OMC cannot be held responsible for orders that were not checked in at the time of delivery. Your order will be boxed to take up as little space as possible, and the contents will be clearly marked to make separating the individual orders easy.