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Chocolate Printing

Now your corporate gifts, dinner party platters, and wedding & party favors can be everything you want them to be! Virtually any picture, logo, or text can be placed on a chocolate bar or cookie of your choice! Get as creative as you'd like because the possibilities are endless!

Your Pics and Logos on Chocolate

Pictured here are the picture cookies we did for a local birthday party, dark chocolate Oreos topped with white chocolate and screened with a Washington Capitals logo, and the custom cookie favors we did for the 10th Anniversary of the amazing Casey Cares Foundation.

Any picture, any logo, any text -- placed on just about anything OMC makes. It's fun just thinking of all the things you can do!

Edible placecards for your wedding, a custom wine label to put on your OMC chocolate-dipped wine bottle, your company logo used to make edible business cards and a vast array of corporate and client gifts -- or hand a buddy a big cookie that says "BITE ME!" -- there's no end to what you can do.

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